Signs You May Need a Car Muffler Repair

Performing regular car maintenance is important to prevent potential issues in the future. Perhaps you've noticed that your engine isn't running as smoothly. This is a clear sign that something may be wrong with your car muffler. Here's a look at some common signals that you need car muffler repair.

Car Muffler Warning Signs

Basic Issues

The system loses power once the silencer is damaged. Maybe the sealing has come apart, which causes fumes to infiltrate your pipes.

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You may hear loud noises coming from the resonator. Internal damage means that the resonator is unable to control the exhaust fumes. This causes your engine to run at less than optimal form. Not only will your engine lose power, but you'll also have to refill your gas tank quicker than you may like. It's recommended that you check the catalytic converter to see if it's clogged.

Internal Heat

Maybe you've noticed that the compartment floor is hotter than before. This means the shields are damaged.


Maybe the issue is loose components. You may need to install new fasteners. The exhaust gasses could penetrate the joints. Re-seal as necessary. Your car has experienced exhaust pipe damage if your engine starts overheating after a few miles.

These are some common signs to look for regarding car muffler repair. Proper car maintenance is key.