FAQs Answered by Garage Door Companies

Metro Garage Door's "Residential Garage Door FAQs" video involves Chad, a sales representative, answering questions about the sales, ordering, and installing process when working with garage door companies. Chad sees his job as helping people select the right style and color garage door for their house. It is an important decision because garage doors are large and affect a house's appearance.

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Typically, he meets with customers within two days of hearing from them and begins the appointment by asking questions to determine their preferred styles and budgets. Their answers help him point customers in the right direction. Chad can provide customers with a mockup of their house with a potential door using his iPad, but that step takes time, and many customers often prefer to create the mockup on their own time using an available website. Metro also provides addresses of previous installations, so customers can drive by and check out installed doors.

Still, most customers decide on their new door during Chad's first visit. If a customer orders the door while Chad is on-site, he calls the manufacturer to get an approximate delivery date and notifies the customer if the timeline changes. Other issues include manufacturer warranties ranging from one year to a lifetime, and Metro mixing and matching parts if that is what the customer needs.