5 FAQs to Ask Your Fence Contractor

Hiring a fence contractor is a task that homeowners only do occasionally. Knowing the right questions can distinguish between good and poor installation. Joe Everst, the Fence Expert, outlines essential questions you should ask potential installers in this video.

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 Before interviewing a fence contractor, read reviews on Google, Facebook or another site where companies cannot modify the responses. Once you have a list, ask each questions on the following topics.

  1. Request four references, two from the last six months and two more than a year old, to show current and long-term quality.
  2. Ask for copies of insurance, both general liability and worker's compensation, to ensure you won't be responsible for injuries on your property.
  3. What is the project timeline? Ask for a possible starting date and how long construction will take, barring weather-related problems.
  4. Discuss the payment timeline. Most contractors want 50% upon signing a contract. Try only to pay the remainder once the contractor has finished the work to your satisfaction.
  5. Discover if the workers installing your fence are employees or work for subcontractors, as you may be responsible for injuries if subcontractors do not have sufficient insurance.

These questions will help you find a good fence contractor. But, if you want to find a great one, ask if the company can easily locate your property lines.