How Overhead Door Replacement is Completed

Many homeowners think that overhead door replacement in a garage is a job that only professionals should do. While you should take precautions, you can easily accomplish this job with the help of a friend. The accompanying video shows the task is easier than it looks.

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Before removing the old door, measure the size of your opening and the pens to ensure your materials are the correct size. Check to see that you have all the necessary hardware. You'll need an extra pair of hands, as old doors, especially wooden ones, are heavy.

Use caution when dealing with springs by placing a clamp on the track to prevent the door from suddenly dropping. Carefully remove the tension wire and the bolts holding the panels together. Work from the top down to remove each panel. If your opener motor and track are in good shape, reuse them.

To assemble the new door, work from the bottom up, attaching the rollers to the side of each panel, placing one end in the tack followed by the other. Use a leveler to ensure the first panel is level, then proceed with the remainder. Attach all necessary hardware, including the door panel bracket.

Hook the roller cable onto the bottom panel and secure the connection. You've finished! Test the door to ensure it opens properly.