What to Know About Bathroom and Shower Remodel Costs in 2023

For a project like remodeling your bathroom, you can either hire a laborer or you can remodel it yourself. The DIY project is only recommended if you already have home improvement experience, or you have a friend or family member with handyman experience. Read more to learn about the supplies and process.

1. Shower Remodel

Showers naturally attract a lot of mold and permanent dirt stains. They tend to have guck, broken tiles, or water leakage.

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You'll need to shop for tile selection, shower glass, shower heads, or water temperature fixtures. Installing a shower can cost between $2,000 to $9,000 in price.

2. Toilet Replacement

You should replace the toilet if it's leaking or refusing to flush. Some homeowners may need to repair their plumbing system during this process. You can also opt to install a bidet for extra cleanliness. Toilet replacement costs anywhere between $200 to $900.

3. Sink Remodel

Having a pearly white sink can really spruce up the bathroom. Consider replacing your current sink with a brand new one - especially one that easily drains water and is easy to clean. Sink prices range between $220 to $560.

Once you've decided on what to remodel, the next step is to calculate the costs. Like mentioned earlier, you can either hire a home improvement expert or do it yourself. Make sure to consider which option is more financially feasible for you.