What to Know Before Hiring Pool Contractors

If you're looking to construct a pool in your outdoor space, you may be excited to hire pool contractors to build you your dream pool. Unfortunately, many people have no idea what to expect during the installation process, and as such, the installation process may not go as planned or the costs can increase.

After hiring pool contractors, the process of installing the pool begins. It starts by completing a survey to determine how much green space is available in your outdoor space.

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From there, pool contractors can work with you to determine what type of pool you want and draw up plans for the pool. Once the plans have been completed, they must be submitted to your city for approval and permitting. This process alone can take several months.

Once your pool contractors have obtained approval from the city, the building process formally starts. The professionals will dig the space out for the pool, begin the pool plumbing process, install the rebar, and spray concrete to form the pool. From there, you will select tile and the professional will install it. After that's completed, electrical wiring and lighting will be completed. The last step is to complete the landscaping and hardscaping around your pool. Once that's done, your pool can be filled up with water.