Everything You Need to Know About Granite Counter Installation

A granite counter installation starts by ensuring you make the right purchase. And how do you go about this process? You will need to google some of the available vendors of granite countertops. Once you have the names of those stores, you can visit some reputable ones to conduct your research and make an informed choice.

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Once you are at the store, check the available stores. Once you find one that pleases you, go ahead and call other smaller stores to determine if they also have this type of stone. You can compare the quotations for those slabs or stones so that you can save some money.

Comparing the prices also gives you room for negotiations. You will end up paying a lower price and still have your favorite granite countertop. If you have a smaller kitchen, find a store that will sell you granite by square foot and not force you to pay the entire slab. Usually, you will get a standard undermount sink of your choice included in the price. If the sink is not included, negotiate with the store so that you can acquire it. Once you have chosen the store and the slab, an appointment will be made to make a template for your cabinets. Ensure the cabinet measurements have already been taken before scheduling a template appointment. The sink should also be properly measured.