Types of Pet Physical Therapy Services

Animals can go through similar physical circumstances as humans. That being said, if humans need physical therapy, animals do as well. If your pet has undergone a traumatic surgery or illness and needs aftercare, you may wonder what it entails. Please read below to discover the different types of pet physical therapy services there are and what they do.

1. Treadmill Therapy

Treadmill therapy improves your pet's strength, balance, and endurance. The belt on the treadmill propels the patient forward to reduce muscle strain.

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Pets struggling after an injury or surgery often can regain normal walking abilities through treadmill therapy

2. Passive Range of Motion

Physical therapists help pets perform passive ranges of motion to prevent loss of function in nonambulatory patients. This helps patients regain normal function during recovery. Passive range of motion exercises also improve circulation to cartilage for healing.

3. Laser Therapy

Low-intensity laser therapy can be used on patients to decrease pain and inflammation while improving healing in patients with problems such as arthritis, surgical incisions, and other wounds.

4. Therapeutic Ultrasound

The sound waves that ultrasounds emit at varying frequencies increase blood flow and facilitate wound healing when applied to tissues. This therapy can treat tendonitis, pain, muscle spasms, joint stiffness, scar tissue buildup, and wounds.

Pet physical therapy services can benefit almost every pet suffering from a chronic inflammatory disease or recovering from an injury or wound. If your pet could benefit from physical therapy, don't hesitate to contact your local veterinarian to see if they offer these services.