How a Garage is Framed

As This video shows, while you can frame and construct a garage for your home alone, it would take longer and would not be much fun. If you lack handy friends who know their way around a building site, consider hiring garage builders. Most general contractors include building garages in the many types of home additions that they construct.

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They will already know the local building ordinances and building codes. If you have your heart set on constructing it yourself, find out what your municipality allows and purchase a ready-made building plan or have an architect create one. You will need engineer-approved architectural plans to obtain the proper permits to build it. Discuss your addition with your neighbors to avoid arguments and strife. Plan your garage walls by measuring and marking the ground where you choose to site it. Lay the cement foundation, then install your wall plates. Next, you need to build your window and door openings, including the garage door bay. The garage door opening tops the list of why building a garage tops the list of advanced do-it-yourself projects. It differs from framing an entry door. Build your wall frames, sticking with the typical four-feet by eight-feet construction. Install your top plates and build your roof. Remember to install flashing and H-clips on your roof decking. While you can construct your own garage, we recommend that most homeowners hire a garage builder.