Here's How Auto Body Shops Repair Wrecked Cars

A wrecked car can take weeks or months to repair. The duration and repair technique used depends on the extent of the damage. The first step to auto body collision repairs is assessing the damage. Companies evaluate the actual damage to the car using a special light to help you see all the damage on the panel.

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It would be best if you got a good solid ground before you begin pulling the panel. That way, it becomes easy to see which dented area on a curve is not correctly done. Begin the pulling process after welding the keys onto the dent spots. You must pick the correct bridge to pull the dent out perfectly. Deep dents require you to turn the knob a bit more. Sometimes the dents do not pull out every time, so you need to keep reassessing the dent after pulling it out and 0change the pulling spot until the dent is as close as possible to its original shape. Once a dent has been fully pulled, a flat liner is used to smoothen the dent. Want to learn more about repairing a wrecked car? Click on the link above for a visual illustration.