Things to Expect During an HVAC Installation

Considering a new HVAC system? If you have never had a new HVAC installation, you may not know what to expect. This article will provide information on new HVAC installations and what they entail.

Inspection and Evaluation

Before the actual HVAC installation takes place, an HVAC contractor needs to evaluate the site. If the contractors need any special tools for the installation, they will know ahead of time what to bring.

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Prepping the Site as the Homeowner

There are a few things you can do as the homeowner to prep the HVAC installation site. If you have pets or children, make sure they are removed from the job site. Any valuable items should also be removed from the site.

Safety Measures on Installation Day

HVAC contractors will place safety cloths and other safety precautions around the job site to protect your property. Then, the contractors will enact safety procedures that include turning off the electric supply and gas service valves for your existing HVAC system.

Set the New Unit

Once everything is ready to go on the job site, the HVAC installation can take place. Once the team installs the unit, they will test it to make sure it runs properly.

Ensure you are prepared for your new HVAC installation by following this guide. Contact your local HVAC contractors today for more information!