When to Hire a Worker's Comp Lawyer

Have you sustained a workplace injury or illness? If the answer is yes, you may wonder if you should hire a workers comp lawyer. Hiring a lawyer is dependent on the severity of your case and the complexity of your case. This article will discuss circumstances where you should hire a workers comp lawyer.

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Employer Denies Your Claim

Unfortunately, employers routinely reject solid workers comp claims. They do this because they are certain the worker won't appeal. Hiring a workers comp lawyer gives you the best chance to appeal and receive a fair settlement.

Settlement Offer Doesn't Cover Lost Wages and Benefits

After evaluating your settlement, it might not cover all of your lost wages. If this happens, do not allow a compensation judge to approve it. Although workers comp settlements must have judicial approval, judges will usually sign off on any agreement as long as it's not incredibly unfair. Ensure you get the settlement you deserve by hiring a trusted workers comp lawyer.

Employer Retaliates Against You for Filing a Workers Compensation Claim

If you have been fired, demoted, or received reduced hours or pay after filing a workers compensation claim, contact a workers comp lawyer immediately. Your lawyer will protect your legal rights and rightful compensation.