Your Guide to Installing Replacement Windows

Based on the style of windows you have, it can be challenging to replace them. While we could give the blanket advice of calling contractors, there can be many reasons why you might want to hold off on enlisting professionals until you assess whether you need them.

Some window replacement jobs are possible to do on your own if you have the right tools and knowledge, as the video “How to Install a Replacement Window” demonstrates. If you've never replaced a window before, you might want to take a few classes before you get started. While it may cost money to take classes or workshops on basic window fixing essentials, it can turn out to be cheaper in the long run than paying professional help.

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If you don't feel comfortable replacing a window with your limited expertise as a DIY home improvement enthusiast, you can call a window services company for help. To tackle large replacement windows, it can help to have a whole team of professionals who have your back.

As long as your new window fits, you may be able to push it into the window without contractors. Next, you can drill screws into the window to keep it in place. To be exact, you should use 2" stainless steel screws for this.

Don't hesitate to contact professional window contractors for all of your replacement needs!