Signs You Need to Call Your Local Pest Control Company

How do you know if you have to call your local pest control company? It may be difficult to decipher if a couple of pests are something to call professionals for. In this article, we will discuss the telltale signs you need to call professional pest control for help.

Interior Damage

Damage to your baseboards, furniture upholstery, and remnants on your countertops are signs you have a pest infestation. These interior damages need to be dealt with so it doesn't get worse.

Video Source

Rodents and insects are usually the culprits of damage to wood and fabric. Call local pest control services as soon as you notice the unexplained damage to keep it from getting worse.

Structural Damage

Structural damage is very serious, so if you notice any, call local pest control immediately. Wood is a prime target for hungry termites. You won't see the termites coming and going, but you will see the pinholes and tunnels they leave behind. Pest control can confirm the cause of the problem and give you the best treatment option.

Unfamiliar Sounds

Every house has natural sounds, but if you hear something unusual, you should call professional pest control. Rodents usually make scurrying and tapping sounds. Termites can surprisingly make sounds loud enough to hear. Contact your local pest control company to verify if the sounds are pests.