The Job of a Hardscape Contractor From Start to End

It can be hard to understand the work of a hardscape contractor. Here are some of the things they do as part of their work. The opening scene shows a newly built high-end home with a three-car garage in the background as several crew members use a skid-steer loader to construct a retaining wall of large stone blocks.

Video Source

The crew then spreads topsoil in the yard and around a gravel patch that will likely become the base for a patio. Next, we see them laying bricks and pavers to create the steps and porch for the main entryway and surrounding area. We next see them preparing the base and laying blocks to create the fascia for the rear patio before laying pavers atop the cement rear patio and the lower area surrounding it. Then, they move a hot tub into its position. After that, we shift to a birds-eye view shot in the early evening, showing finished plantings in front and back, along with the back steps illuminated with lighting integrated into the rise. Beyond the hardscape contractor's area, the yard needs additional work. Finally, the brickwork has complex patterns, so the narrator enters near the end, noting that he started the rear brickwork at a corner to obtain the most attractive design.