Laminate Countertops Installation Guide

Laminate countertops are a popular choice for local countertops due to their affordability and versatility. If you're considering a kitchen countertop upgrade, follow this brief installation guide to ensure a successful project.

  1. Gather Your Materials: Start by collecting all the necessary materials, including the laminate sheets, adhesive, contact cement, a saw, a router, and a file. Make sure your kitchen counters are properly prepped and level.

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  2. Measure and Cut: Measure your local countertops accurately and then cut the laminate sheets to the desired size using a saw. Remember to leave some overhang for a smoother installation.
  3. Apply Adhesive: Using a roller, apply contact cement evenly to both the substrate and the back of the laminate sheet. Allow it to dry for a short period, usually until it feels tacky to the touch.
  4. Align and Press: Carefully align the laminate sheet with the kitchen counters and use dowels to maintain a consistent gap. Gently press the laminate onto the substrate, ensuring no air bubbles or wrinkles.
  5. Trim Excess: Once the laminate is in place, use a router to trim the excess overhang. Remember to always wear goggles for safety and follow all manufacturer recommendations for router use.
  6. Smooth the Edges: With a file or router, smooth out the edges for a clean finish. Pay extra attention to the corners and ensure they are well-rounded.
  7. Final Clean-Up: Wipe away any excess adhesive and thoroughly clean the kitchen counters. This will leave you with a polished and attractive laminate countertop.