What to Do During a Plumbing Emergency

Brian at Plumbing Solutions is an experienced and long-time team member working to offer handy training guides for plumbers and future employees, as well as informational videos for homeowners. In his exciting new series, he goes through the homeowners manual, which is given to them after they've purchased their home, about the home's plumbing. The introduction to the series begins on page one in the manual, emergencies and what's considered one.

So, what is an emergency? If you have an active leak and water's pouring out of the ceiling, that's actively causing damage to your home. Or, there's a sewer backup; this isn't just a clogged toilet.

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Your entire house is backed up with nasty stuff leaking out. That is a mainline backup, which is an emergency.

If you're wondering if you should contact emergency plumbing companies, think about this: is the problem causing damage to your house? If the answer is yes, then it's a plumbing emergency. Issues like a crooked faucet or broken vegetable sprayer will get addressed as soon as possible, usually within three to five days. While they are important and must be fixed, they are not considered emergencies.

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