The Tools You Need to Start a Drain and Sewer Cleaning Business

Starting a drain and sewer cleaning business requires essential tools and equipment. Here's a concise guide to the must-have items for your new venture.

  1. Drain Augers: Invest in various drain augers, from handheld snakes for small clogs to motorized ones for tougher blockages. These versatile tools are essential for removing debris and obstructions.

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  2. High-Pressure Jetters: High-pressure jetters are crucial for clearing stubborn clogs and cleaning sewage lines effectively. They use powerful streams of water to flush out blockages and debris.
  3. Video Inspection Equipment: Inspection cameras allow you to identify issues within sewage systems, assess damage, and plan repairs accurately.
  4. Protective Gear: Ensure your safety with personal protective equipment like gloves, coveralls, and masks.
  5. Service Vehicle: A reliable service van with storage for your tools and equipment is essential for on-site service calls.
  6. Drain Cleaning Chemicals: Keep a supply of safe and effective drain cleaning chemicals for less severe clogs. These products can be used as an initial step in many cases.
  7. Licensing and Insurance: Don't forget to obtain the required licenses and insurance to operate legally and protect your business in case of accidents or liabilities.
  8. Business Software: Invest in accounting and scheduling software to streamline business operations and track finances efficiently.
  9. Training and Certification: Ensure you and your team receive proper training and certification in drain and sewer cleaning techniques and safety procedures.