Top 5 Accessories for Your Golf Cart

Watch this video to learn the top five performance upgrades for golf carts.

The first upgrade is a light kit, which is necessary if you plan to drive your golf cart at night or if you want to make it street-legal. There are two options available: a basic light kit with running headlights and tail lights, and a street-legal light kit that includes turn signals, a horn, and brakes.

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The second upgrade is a windshield, which is essential if you frequently drive your golf cart, especially in colder or rainy weather. They come in clear and tinted options, with an upgraded impact-resistant one also available.

The third upgrade is a rear seat, which is useful for transporting extra passengers and can also be flipped open to reveal a cargo bed, allowing for versatile use.

The fourth and fifth upgrades are lift kits, which are a great way to enhance performance. Lift kits come in different sizes, ranging from one inch to six inches, and allow for the installation of larger wheel and tire packages. This is particularly useful for off-roading or extreme driving with golf carts.

As a bonus upgrade, it's recommended that you change to a new battery, specifically a lithium battery. The Uno golf cart battery is mentioned as an example, offering 90 AMP hours of power. The use of a lithium battery reduces the weight of the golf cart while still providing ample output.

By upgrading your golf cart with these performance enhancements, you can enjoy a more comfortable and efficient ride.