5 Daily Dog Training Exercises to Do at Home

In this video, Will Atherton, a canine behaviorist, shares five essential practices that dog owners should implement every day. These dog training practices include threshold manners, food drills, crate training, providing a safe space, and regular obedience training. Atherton explains that daily training exercises can help build trust and effective communication between the dog and the owner, regardless of breed or special needs.

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Threshold manners involve teaching your dog to sit, stay, and wait at entrances or exits that take your dog from one environment to another. The second practice is implementing a food drill where you put all of the dog's food in a pouch in the morning and use it for training throughout the day. The dog is only allowed to eat once they have displayed calm and well-mannered behavior. Atherton stresses that food is a high-value resource for dogs and guarding it helps establish yourself as a leader. Finally, Atherton recommends crate training as an essential practice for all dogs, as it gives them a safe space and helps with potty training. In addition to these practices, Atherton emphasizes the importance of providing a safe space for dogs to decompress and relax. He also advocates for daily physical and mental exercises as a way of building trust and effective communication pathways between the dog and the owner. Contact your local dog trainer for more information or to get started on dog training!.