Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid at Your Immigration Interview

It's natural to feel nervous regarding your upcoming immigration interview. To help guide you through the process, here's a look at a few errors to avoid making during the interview.

You must strive for the interview with all of your documents. Consider reviewing the list of items to bring right before leaving for the interview. Showing up without all the required documents strains the interview process.

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Avoid answering any questions that you're unsure of. You can ask for further clarification before moving forward. Accidentally providing the wrong answer can ruin the entire interview. You may even have your case denied. This issue often comes up for people who are not comfortable speaking their native language.

The immigration law interviewer will ask questions promptly, so things move along. You could break the rhythm and complicate things if you speak during a time when you should be listening closely to the question. Also, try to provide swift answers.

Try to be respectful and professional during the interview. Being pushy or having a bad attitude will make things worse.

Avoiding these mistakes should help you during the interview. Remember it's important to tell the truth at all times.