Auto AC Inspections and Troubleshooting for Beginners

There are so many questions that people ask when it comes to ac inspection and troubleshooting. The first thing we are going to talk about is tooling. However, not everyone is going to have tools for auto AC inspections. Some of us will be using our hands or a simple digital multimeter.

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This is where the problem lies. You can't just use your hand because too many variables are involved in an air conditioner. For example, if you have a window unit, you need to know what kind of compressor it has. The same goes for heat pumps. If you don't know anything about the AC repair, you might do more harm than good. However, there are simple tricks that you can do to help you diagnose the problem. One of them is to check the electrical connections on the back of the unit. Another trick is to look at the condenser fan blades. They should be clean and free from debris. If you notice any dirt, wipe it off before continuing. You can also try checking the blower motor. If it's working properly, you shouldn't hear any noise from it. If you still can't find the source of the problem, then you should contact a professional technician.