How to Protect Your Trees During the Fall and Winter

To help preserve and protect your trees during the coldest months of the year, hire local tree services. They know the ins and outs of trees and how to properly take care of them. In this article, we will discuss how local tree services can help you.

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Tree Pruning

Fall and early winter are great times for tree pruning services. Inspecting the branches is much easier due to the leaves falling off. When you can see the branch structure, it is easier to identify any problems. Tree specialists will not make any cuts that do not need to happen. Removing too much can cause irreparable damage.

Mulch and Water

Adding a thin layer of mulch at the base of your trees will insulate the roots for the cold weather. This also slows the water loss from the soil. Local tree services by professionals will ensure that this process is done correctly.

Wrap and Protect

Lastly, tree specialists can wrap and protect your trees to prepare them for the cold weather. When the winter sun thaws the tree trunk by day and freezes it at night, it can rupture bark cells and create cracks. To prevent this, specialists can wrap the trunk in crepe paper tree wrap.