Signs Your Vehicle Needs Alignment Services

Keeping your wheels aligned not only keeps your vehicle driving in a straight line, but it ensures the safety and protection of your vehicle. Poor alignment can cause your tires to wear prematurely and negatively impact other aspects of your vehicle. Read below to discover the signs your vehicle needs alignment services.

Crooked Steering Wheel

When your car is parked and all wheels are straight, your steering wheel should be centered. While you are driving, if you let go of the steering wheel for a second, it should mostly remain centered.

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If you let go of your steering wheel while you are driving and it pulls harshly to the left or the right, that is a strong sign that your vehicle is out of alignment. A mechanic will ensure that your steering wheel is centered and straight after alignment services.

Abnormal Wear on Tires

Your tires should wear at the same rate, provided that you rotate them regularly. When wheels are not aligned properly, you may start to see abnormal wear on them. Specifically, you will notice that your tires seem to be wearing down more on one side or edge than on the other. You should contact a professional for alignment services regularly so this does not happen.