Signs You Need a Sump Pump Replacement

When it rains heavily, you rely on your sump pump to prevent flooding on your property. Sump pumps are the last line of protection from a flooded basement, water damage, and costly repairs. It may not rain every day where you are, so the sump pump might not run for days or weeks at a time. You might not notice when it needs a replacement until it's already raining.

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In this article, we will discuss the signs that you need a sump pump placement.

Frequently Cycling On and Off

If you notice the sump pump cycling on and off, the basin might be too small for the water in your basement. This will overwork your pump and lead to burnout. The solution for this would be to invest in a deeper basin to ensure your sump pump is only on when you need it to be.

Making Weird Noises

Sump pumps normally don't make too much noise. That being said, if yours is making anything more than a low humming sound, it may be an indicator that there are damaged parts. If it cannot be repaired, it's time for a sump pump replacement.

Not Turning On When It Should

A sump pump works its hardest when there's a heavy rainstorm, but it's also working when water seeps into your basement. If water is pooling in your basement, your sump pump is not doing its job. It is time for a replacement.