What is Auto Paint Protection Film?

After purchasing your car, you must ensure it looks good and gets the right maintenance services. And this is where auto paint protection film comes in. Auto paint protection film is a clear layer applied on top of your car.

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It is about 200 microns thick. It is not vinyl but thicker, with a self-healing layer in it, and designed to offer your car protection besides enhancing its aesthetic appeal. If you want this paint protection film applied to your car, you will need to approach a reputable auto body expert. You have to assess some of their work to be sure you will be getting value for your money. You will also know how this protection film is applied to a car from the beginning to the end. That can be a great learning experience.

The expert will ensure that no blade touches your car. This helps prevent any damage to your car. All the templates will be pre-cut so that there is no blade touching the car. This film does have some disadvantages. For instance, dirt can accumulate on the edges. But that can be avoided by tucking in all edges to provide the car with a better finish and improve the coverage on the car so that there are no stone chips on the missed edges.