When to Visit a Heart Clinic

Sometimes, people suffer from discomfort in their chest. This may mean it's time for them to visit a heart clinic. As mentioned in the video, Many people experience symptoms that can indicate an issue with the heart each year.

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Discover when it's time to visit a heart specialist.

Symptoms of Heart Issues

Anytime a person experiences chest pain, it's worth investigating the issue by a health professional. If a general healthcare provider offers a referral to a cardiac specialist, it's generally an indication that these symptoms require more investigation. Some common symptoms concerning a Cardiologist include a tight squeezing feeling in the chest that may also be described as intense pressure. Becoming out of breath when doing activities and chores and experiencing chest pain is another concerning symptom. Additionally, a rapid heart rate can also be an indicator that there is an underlying problem. If the cardiologist suspects there may be heart problems, they will recommend a course of tests that range from simple to invasive. A treadmill EKG is a standard test to determine if there is a problem, but more invasive tests can include an angiogram.

When to Get Help

Anytime chest discomfort or pain is persistent, it's recommended to seek the services of a medical professional, which may include a cardiologist. Getting the appropriate medical care and testing can save a life.