Types of Trailer Parts You May Need

Perhaps you're shopping around for a trailer hitch, and you want more information on the trailer parts before making a decision. Here's a closer look at some of the different hitch types.

Trailer Parts Guide

Rear Mount

A rear-mount trailer hitch can hold cars, large trucks, and SUVs. There's added room to carry cargo trailers as well.

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Weight Distribution

A weight distribution hitch is designed to offset some of the stress involved in carrying a heavy load. This hitch type may appeal to you if you enjoy traveling and camping regularly.


As you can probably guess, this hitch type is compatible with gooseneck trailers. You can also install an adapter for more comfort.

Bumper Mount

Bumper Mount trailers are unique because the hitch is pre-installed. There are multiple holes in the bumper, so you can install a trailer ball.

Fifth Wheel

This hitch type is designed to hold fifth wheel trailers. The trailer's nose is mounted to the truck to provide an improved turning radius and make things more compact. You can remove the truck bed if you aren't traveling anytime soon. These tips should help you find the best trailer hitch for your situation. Be advised that you can also install custom accessories such as bolt-ons and clamps.