Types of Chiropractic Adjustments

Everyone's body is different. Versatile chiropractors can adjust their treatment based on their client's specific needs. To further explain, here's a look at a few types of chiropractic adjustments.

Common Chiropractic Adjustments

Side Adjustment

This chiropractic adjustment type often results in popping sounds around the lower back and spine. The popping sound is the release of built-up pressure in joints.

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Your joints will be flexible again with reduced pressure. These adjustments also reduce pressure in your neck.

Impulse Adjustment

This type of chiropractic adjustment relies on technology. Chiropractors use a tool that contains a computer chip to help measure your spine. The computer chip sends a signal once the joint has been restored.

Table Adjustment

Table chiropractic adjustments are very comfortable for most clients. The area of focus sticks out and is angled to provide direct pressure to the joint. This technique helps speed up the pressure release.

SOT Blocks

SOT Blocks help re-align the pelvis. Perhaps you've noticed times when one of your legs seemed longer than the other. This likely means your pelvis has rotated. The comfortable SOT Blocks provide support while the pelvis is pushed back into place. These are some common chiropractic adjustments. You may also opt to get custom treatment combining all of these different techniques.