How Local Sod Companies Lay Sod

There are companies in every city and town across the country that can install sod. These companies follow specific methods for laying the side to ensure the best results. Anyone receiving services from a saw blame company can expect to see the following order of operations.

Sod Laying Protocol

When a professional contractor lays sod, they'll undertake the following steps to ensure the best results. First, they'll aerate the soil by tilling it.

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This process allows them to remove unnecessary materials from the soil, such as weeds, rocks, and other undesirable items. When the soil is tilled, and the foreign objects are removed, it's a good idea to water it thoroughly. Watering is essential before laying sod. Next, they'll test the soil's pH to ensure it's within the proper range and make any adjustments before starting. After that process is completed, the area will be measured to ensure the company knows how much sod needs to fill the space. The space should be leveled approximately an inch below any sidewalks or surfaces to ensure an even match once the sod is put on top of the soil. Once the soil is even and moistened, installation of the sod can begin. Cut each piece to fit securely without overlapping. Be sure to water the sod and follow the recommended schedule for fertilization to get the best results. Call a reputable local sod company for more details.