An Inside Look at How Commercial Cleaning Companies Bid Jobs

If you've got a mess on your hands, commercial cleaning companies can provide assistance. When you're vetting cleaning crews, it could help to understand how they approach bidding on a project. By understanding their point of view, you might be able to make your clean-up job more appealing.

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This could help lower prices and ensure a good outcome.

Many cleaning companies will try to define their production rate. This means determining how long it takes to clean a toilet or wipe down a sink. The company may also look at how long it takes to vacuum say 100 square feet of carpeting. Obviously, the condition of the stuff to be cleaned can impact the production rate.

One thing that companies may need to take into account is the production rate of individual staffers. A cleaning technician with 10 years of experience can probably get a job done more quickly than someone with just 10 weeks of experience. If you're looking for cleaning crews, it helps to find companies with a lot of experience and who take training seriously.

You also want to find cleaning companies that are organized and set up detailed cleaning plans. This way, they'll be less likely to overlook something. Finding the best commercial cleaning companies takes some effort, but the results will be worth it.