An Inside Look at the Work of Septic Cleaning Companies

Septic tanks contain everything that exits the house, from its toilets, sinks, and drains. Everything that enters the tank that is not biodegradable or liquid remains there until it gets pumped out. Disposable wipes, which are not biodegradable, build up between cleanings and can clog the tank. Even without wipes, sludge can build up that requires cleaning out to prevent solids from flowing out of the tank. This all provides a lot of work for a septic technician.

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When arriving at a residence for a job, the technician locates the tank by looking for the septic vent pipes on the roof. These typically align with the sewer pipes under the house and lead to the cleanout port and septic tank. After locating these, they dig to gain access.

Some homes may have multiple years of baby wipes, which accumulate on the inlet side of the tank and create clogs. The solids are vacuumed or pulled out manually using a rake when the vacuum cannot remove them. Once the tank is empty, it gets hosed down, and they have the customer flush the toilets and use all drains to ensure everything goes to the septic tank. After leaving the residence, septic cleaning companies disposed of the waste at a wastewater facility.