X Signs You Need a Local DUI Lawyer

Mary Nerino's video “The Benefits of Working With a Local DUI Lawyer” covers how engaging a local DUI attorney rather than someone from out of town can benefit a defendant. While she focuses on DUIs, most of her points apply to any situation where someone needs to hire a defense attorney because local attorneys understand the nuances of the local court system. Understanding the local system allows them to tailor their approach to your case based on handling similar cases.

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Among the benefits mentioned are that a local DUI lawyer knows the local jurisdiction and court rules important for best advocating for their clients. Local attorneys are familiar with the filing practices and the preferences of the local court system and judges. They can anticipate how a local judge or jury will react to specific evidence or argument so they can modify their approach for you to present your strongest case. Likewise, using their local knowledge, a local DUI lawyer will know the penalties you might face if found guilty. Besides knowing the typical penalties, they also understand how local prosecutors and judges might react to a plea deal or how they might view your case if you entered a substance abuse program. All this knowledge can help a local DUI attorney determine the best strategy for you.