Signs Your Driveway Needs a Paving Service

Many signs indicate that your driveway needs a paving service. Cracks in the concrete or asphalt and broken sections that expose the base are one leading sign. Another sign that an asphalt driveway needs replacement is alligatoring in so many small cracks appear in the surface; poured sealant no longer fixes the issue.

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Those planning to replace their driveway have three primary options: Asphalt, concrete, or brick pavers, listed in reverse order of price. Regardless of the option chosen, the first step for the contract is to remove the existing material and take the driveway down to the base layer. For asphalt driveway, the paving service will deliver hot asphalt to the site and put it into a spreader box to lay the product. The crew will spread the asphalt evenly, pound the sides, and achieve a nice trim. The asphalt is then rolled at heights to ensure proper drainage. Concrete is also an option and typically twice the cost of asphalt, which can last 30 years. Brick pavers are the most expensive option. Most people choose them for their beauty since they come in many colors and sizes, and you can lay them in many patterns. Pavers can be a great choice. They need a solid base to limit settling and limited maintenance to keep weeds growing between the bricks. Contact your local asphalt paving company today for more information!.