How to Spot a Good Auto Body Shop

As this video explains, finding a highly trained auto body shop has become tougher because today, only 3% of mechanics' shops have the technology to properly address vehicle issues. This largely stems from automakers requiring mechanics to undergo specialized training in how to repair their vehicles and only offering this training to technicians at manufacturer dealerships. Ironically, this makes finding the best automotive repair shop for your vehicle simpler, since a vehicle owner can take the car, truck, or SUV to the dealership's service center. Dealership service centers do more than perform the manufacturer's recommended maintenance.

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They also repair mechanical and auto body damage. These service centers solve a common problem that can lead to injuries in accidents – the use of aftermarket parts. Dealership service centers only use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, ensuring that the vehicle receives a part made specifically for it. Manufacturers make locating an appropriate dealership service center easy by maintaining databases that they make available on their websites. Visit the manufacturer's website to search for the nearest service center to your location. This proves helpful if you experience an accident while on a road trip and need local repairs made. It's essential to make sure you are doing the research needed when looking for a good auto body shop. .