Essentials to Opening Sports Bars

Running a sports bar can be a very lucrative venture, but as the attached video explains, there are essentials to opening a successful sports bar every bar owner should know. Here is a look at the brass tacks of what you need to get your sports bar off the ground. Cheers! Sports Bars Basics 101 So, you want to open a sports bar? Well, first off, congratulations, because sports bars run right can be gold mines. Now, here is a CliffNotes version of what you need to know.

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Location, Location, Location If you are off the beaten path, that's okay. If you are miles outside of that, it could be a problem. Know where the crowd is, where people go out to eat, and perhaps where your competition is, too. Being in the right spot isn't the only thing that matters, but it can make a difference, and being in a bad location can be a dealbreaker. Theme and Branding Have a theme that makes your bar unique, and then brand your bar and theme. Themes can resonate with the culture of the area or a sports team from the area. Alcohol Selection Along with the presentation of your bar, your drink selection is imperative. That means having what everyone drinks, and more. Now, get those flat screens mounted, turn on the games, crank up the speakers, and open the doors.