What's the Difference Between Automatic and Manual Transmission?

Everyone has heard about automatic and standard transmissions, but as the attached video highlights, there are more than a few differences between these automotive drive systems. While the mechanical terminology may sound complex, the two systems aren't nearly as complicated to operate.

Automatic Transmission: While there is little debate about which transmission is easier to operate, as the automatic transmission has taken over the mainstream automotive world, essential components differentiate an automotive from a standard transmission. An automatic transmission works using what is referred to as a planetary gear set and a torque converter.

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These mechanisms are also a few of the vital parts that allow drivers to simply put their vehicles in gear and go.

Standard/Manual Transmission: The standard transmission setup, also affectionately referred to as a stickshift, requires a manual change of gears and is recognized as the more durable of the two transmissions. Key components of standard transmissions such as the gear-pairing configuration and clutch pack enable drivers to switch gears manually. In this configuration, the clutch pack enables the ability to disengage and engage different gears.

The benefits of automatic and standard transmissions will likely depend on who you talk to and their preference, but the differences are undeniable.