Wondering If You Can Clean Solar Installations? Check This Out

If you have solar panels at home or in a commercial setting, it would be helpful to watch this video. Solar panels produce energy when sunlight hits their photovoltaic cells. The more sunlight reaches the photovoltaic cells, the more energy they produce. The photovoltaic cells in most solar panels are glass-covered, and the glass gets dirty over time, just like exterior windows.

Solar panels with dirt, bird waste, leaves, or other materials on the exterior glass do not allow as much sunlight to reach the photovoltaic cells as occurs when the glass is clean, so it makes sense to clean them periodically. A solar installer may offer cleaning services as well.

The cleaning process requires some investment, but the right tools make the process easier and safer. The primary investment is a water-fed pole brush ($200-$250) that extends 24 feet or so.

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Using a pole brush limits the cleaner's movements and is safer, while the water-fed version simplifies the process. Using lightweight expandable hoses also increases safety since they are easier to lift and move around. Using glass cleaner formulated for solar panels adds a finishing touch by removing oil and grime. Like many jobs around the house or workplace, the task is easier with the proper tools and a little knowledge. Contact your local solar company for more information.