No-Welder Muffler Repairs

Watch this video to learn how to repair your muffler without welding. An exhaust leak is a nightmare when you don't know how to deal with it. It causes check engine lights to flicker, fumes to get inside your car, fuel wastage, and excessive noise that will make your ride uncomfortable. Welding or looking for a pro is one of the things most people think about when it occurs. However, you can repair it yourself and without welding.

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You need soapy water, an air compressor, putties, a muffler bandage, and an exhaust band clamp. Begin by identifying the leaks. To do this, pump the air into the exhaust system using an air compressor and pour soapy water on it. The leaking area will have bubbles. Mark them and begin repairs. Clean the identified leak spots and apply putties on the cracks or leaks identified. Use a compressor to suck the air in the exhaust system out. Sucking the air draws in the putty to fully seal the cracks and leave it to harden on the steel. The second way is to wrap a muffler bandage over the leak-treated area of the muffler and leave it to harden to seal the leak. Finally, you can use an exhaust band clamp if none of the other alternatives are available. Disconnect the compressor from the exhaust when done before running the car. The muffler repairs will get you going for more than six years. It is an efficient, easy-to-do, and cost-effective method of repair that you can try today.