An Auto Enthusiast Discusses Brake Repair

Your car is capable of some incredible things, like hauling huge loads, going upwards of 60 miles per hour, and coming to a complete stop whenever you want. These vehicles are designed to be inherently safe, but only if you keep up with the recommended maintenance schedules. Your brakes are one of the most important safety features as they prevent collisions more than any fancy high-tech features ever could. The speaker in the video calls out some warning signs you may need brake repair. He recommends taking a look at the rotors and pads to see if there is any visual damage, especially if you suspect something may be wrong.

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You may be tipped off that something is wrong by the way the brakes sound or your lack of ability to stop as well as you used to. Unfortunately, to fully inspect the brake pads and rotors, you'll need to jack up the car and remove the wheels. If this is outside the scope of your capabilities, you should reach out to a brake repair specialist or a dedicated auto repair shop. The speaker also mentions a less expensive option to a full brake replacement. This is a brake resurface, which adds special chemicals back to the surface of the rotor and allows them to be effective for a few hundred more miles. This is not recommended for any performance vehicle that needs to stop quickly, however.