5 Red Flags for Spotting Transmission Damage

Regarding vehicle repairs, some repairs can wait, and others need to be solved immediately. Transmission repairs fall into the second category because a failing transmission will leave you stranded with no way to fix it quickly. Therefore, knowing these red flags is essential before your vehicle leaves you stranded on the road.

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Any signs of leaking from any transmission component are a sure sign that you need transmission repair. Leaks are a significant issue with a sealed unit because the transmission can quickly overheat without the proper fluid level in the system. Transmission fluid is typically a bright red color; therefore, if it appears dark red, brown, or even black where it is leaking, it indicates that there may already be overheating issues. Even if you cannot see anything leaking beneath your vehicle if you notice a burnt-like odor in and around the front of the vehicle, get to a transmission repair shop immediately because it indicates leaking and overheating. A higher pitched buzzing sound is also typical when an automatic transmission leaks. It will be audible and may initially occur only at certain speeds or during automatic gear changes, so you need to seek professional repair immediately.