When Would You Need a Child Injury Lawyer?

As parents and caregivers, we do everything we can to keep our children safe, but unfortunately, there are times when we are unable to protect them. Whether an intentional or negligent act caused the child's injuries, you need to consult a child injury lawyer to review the details of your case. Here are some examples of negligent behavior that may require professional legal services.

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Some of the most common cases involve instances where a child experiences injuries on a school's playground when proper supervision is not provided, or it is from school bus accidents caused by a careless/inexperienced driver. Another scenario is if the child slips and falls on snow or ice because the school does not properly clear the area or due to poorly maintained equipment. Food poisoning caused by a school, food vendor, or manufacturer's failure to prepare food properly is also an important reason to seek a professional child injury lawyer to help you seek compensation. If a child is bullied and the school fails to address the problem after being notified, it may be their fault. Similarly, if an employee causes harm to a child, the school may face charges of failing to conduct a proper background check or providing adequate training and supervision. Even if the person at fault claims that the incident was an accident, the school could face charges for failing to protect the child's safety.