The Easy Guide to Jeep Lift Kits

When shopping for Jeep lift kits, it's easy to get lost in the sea of features, technical specs, and everything else related to Jeep suspension lift kits. The main reason is that there are so many Jeep lift kits to consider. Having a lot of options isn't necessarily bad, but it can be challenging for people who haven't done this before. So, to make your shopping easier, we'll take a closer look at two well-known companies that make Jeep suspension lift kits.

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Pro Comp has been making the best Jeep lift kits for a long time. These kits offer the best performance, style, versatility, and dependability. No company making Jeep suspensions has as many options as Pro Comp. Their lineup includes Jeep lift kits for YJ, CJ, XJ, and ZJ Jeeps, JK systems with a moderate amount of lift, premium Stage I and II kits for off-road terrain, and more. Fabtech makes suspension lift kits for Jeeps with the professional off-roader in mind. Their Jeep lift kits have done well in competition, which has helped them become known as a top maker of suspension systems. Each piece of hardware in a Fabtech Jeep lift kit results from much research and planning. Engineers work in teams to ensure that each Jeep suspension lift looks good and works well.