Glaucoma Treatments Can Be Done With Minimal Invasion

On the YouTube Channel Michigan Medicine, a video named "Glaucoma Treatment with Minimally Invasive Devices" shows us an outpatient form of surgery that's less invasive. The patient recovers more quickly than from traditional glaucoma surgery. For reference, glaucoma is pressure on the optic nerve from fluid buildup. There are a few different glaucoma treatments used; this allows the doctor to customize treatment for the patient. Minimally invasive surgery is used for patients with open angled glaucoma and those at risk for regular surgery.

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It involves tiny devices inserted into the eye to drain fluid and lower pressure in the eye. One type of minimally invasive surgery places microscopic tubes in the eyes to drain fluid. Another method of surgery uses microscopic equipment to cut a hole in the eye that will drain the fluid. In some glaucoma treatments, shunts or small tubes are implanted in the retina and outer wall for fluid drainage. Laser treatments are another way to treat glaucoma in patients. The eye doctor or surgeon will run several diagnostic tests on the patient before determining whether they are a suitable candidate for this procedure. It will often take six to eight weeks to recover even from this minimally invasive procedure. This procedure is often performed along with cataract surgery.