Pros and Cons of Getting Truck Bed Lining

Watch this video to learn the pros and cons of a truck bed liner. Bed liners are vital when doing truck paint jobs. The first pro of using liners is that they enhance durability. They not only correct imperfections but create added strength that can allow you to take the truck off-road, camp, or ski without worries. It can drive into harsh environments without worrying about scruffs and dings.

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The liner also covers dents and other old imperfections. Bed liners are also cheap. Despite the low cost, they give excellent results on your vehicle. It also takes a short time to finish masking and spraying an entire truck. It takes roughly five hours despite the details in the process. One of the cons is that the texture may seem a bit off to the untrained eye. However, this also depends on the expertise of the person who applied the liner. In addition, liners can be challenging to remove. That means that reversing the process can be difficult or impossible. Finally, there is an argument that truck bed lining makes trucks heavier. The thick coats of the liner seem to add to the vehicle's overall weight. That said, in reality, the liner is not that heavy or thick when it dries up.