The Requirements for Becoming a Car Insurance Agent

Car insurance agents sell insurance policies that protect car owners from financial loss due to car accidents, damage, or theft. According to the narrator in the video, when a person wants to become any type of insurance agent, including a car insurance agent, licensing means they need to take classes, CE (continuing education), and certification. The first step to becoming an insurance agent is to take classes.

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According to the narrator in the video, car insurance falls under property and casualty, meaning aspiring vehicle insurance agents need 40 hours of class time. After finishing classes, the next step is to sit for the exam that accompanies the specific class. Once aspiring insurance agents pass the exam, they must sit for another examination offered by their state's insurance board. After passing the state examination, the next step is licensure. Before a license is approved, most states do a background check which might involve fingerprints. People should note that their license only allows them to practice in their state of residence. The final step is getting appointed by an insurance company or several insurance companies to sell the various types of car insurance policies on their behalf.