The Amazing Engineering Behind Your Car's Power Window

Watch this video to learn the mind-blowing engineering of making car power window systems. Car windows have evolved and become automatic with innovation and new inventions. The powered window is an engineering masterpiece tailored to make your life easy and your driving experience comfortable.

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The power window eliminates the many moving parts of your manual window with a cross motor and pulley system. There is reduced friction and fewer mechanical moving parts. A cross pulley system powered by a switch and run by an electric motor with guides provides a smoother operation and incorporates the perfect anti-theft mechanism. It prevents anyone from physically pushing or pulling down your car window. The link system prevents the glass from falling on its own when going up or moving down during operation. The power window system is an improvement of the traditional manual car window system. Its design removes all the shortfalls within the manual option with a more compact system built for efficiency and security.