How to Safely Feed Your Dog Treats

Dogs are adorable companions. As a dog owner, you cannot resist rewarding them at every opportunity. However, you should be aware of several dos and don'ts of spoiling your dog. For example, feeding them too much could harm your dog. Here are tips on safely feeding your dog with dog biscuits to reward good behavior. Most dog owners treat their dogs directly from the hand.

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Feeding it too high could encourage it to jump and grab the food. The chances of being bitten in this feeding position are high. Feeding it too close could invade the dog's space. The dog may likely think that you want it to lie down. The general rule of thumb is to bring the treat half an inch from the dog's mouth, at the nose level. If your dog often lacerates your fingers when you feed it, you can place the treats in a clean bowl or toss them to the ground. This feeding method will save you much pain before adequately training your dog to eat treats from your hand. You can also give the dog sticky treats like peanut butter from the end of a wooden spoon.