Here Are the Different Options for Testosterone Therapy

Low testosterone can be replaced to give you higher energy levels. While these treatment alternatives are very effective, they are not for everyone. If you have pre-existing conditions such as prostate cancer, sleep apnea, or blood clots, testosterone therapy might make them worse. Talk to a testosterone therapist to know what is right for you.

You can use Androderm, a skin patch worn once a day on the upper body or arm. Alternatively, a mouth patch can be applied twice a day.

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This tablet is stuck behind the gums above your upper front teeth. It releases testosterone through oral tissues into the blood. There are also packets of clear testosterone gel applied once a day and absorbed directly into the skin. Some gels are used inside the nose. If you are comfortable with needles, you may opt for testosterone injections into muscles or pellet implantation into the soft tissue. It's then gradually absorbed into your bloodstream.

Oral administration of testosterone pills is also available, but there has been some debate about possible adverse effects on the liver. According to experts, tablets that can be disintegrated orally, injections, gels, and patches are safe because they do not affect the liver; instead, testosterone is shot straight to the blood.