Comparing Clear and Metal Braces

While these corrective orthodontic recommendations work effectively to give you a healthy smile, they work differently. Clear braces are ideal for you if you want to keep a low profile, but they are not as durable as metal braces, and they take longer to produce results.

Clear braces feature the same bracket and wire style found in metal braces. The only difference is that the brackets are made from clear plastic, making them almost invisible.

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The archwire is sometimes colored, which is done to blend perfectly with your teeth. Users opt for rubber bands to match their outfits or express a personalized style to play down the more visible metal braces.

Clear braces offer greater comfort to the user because the materials used in making them are not as abrasive. On the other hand, metal braces cause discomfort, mouth sores, and a metallic taste.

Clear braces are not as vital, which makes them more susceptible to damage and, therefore, the higher cost of repairs. They also take longer to move teeth to the desired location and are thus recommended for moderate corrections. Metal braces are more durable and offer great control with lower repair costs.